Gli Azzurri is a non-profit organization, dedicated to preserving their culture through dance and music.
Our primary objective is to preserve, promote and stimulate pride within our dancers and to spread this
aspect of Italian culture within the multicultural community. With Traditional and modern folk dances
we honor the spirit and energy that our ancestor brought to Canada.

The Calgary Italian Dancers “Gli Azzurri” was established 1987. We have performed throughout Alberta,
British Columbia, Nova Scotia and abroad. We have been featured at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic
Games, World Police/Fireman Games, Edmonton’s Klondike Days, Kimberley, B.C’s Oktoberfest,
Penticton’s Canada Day Celebrations and a vast array of venues throughout the City of Calgary. As well,
Gli Azzurri had the opportunity to travel overseas both in 1998 and 2005 to perform for and with our
Italian peers, and just recently, we were honored at Walt Disney World’s stage for Performing Arts!